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The Nye Lubeletter is the oldest, continuously published corporate newsletter about synthetic lubricants. Here’s the complete collection, starting with our first issue in 1972. We’ve listed article titles in each issue for you, however our search engine does not scan Lubeletter content. You may read, download, and print any of these files with Acrobat Reader. Please note that some products and services mentioned in older issues may no longer be available. Good reading!

Note: All information in these newsletters is protected by copyright.
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Nye Lubeletter - Third Quarter 2011
Nye Lubricants Laboratory: New Addtions!
Two New Certifications for Nye Clean Rooms
FAQ: Nye General Storage Guideline for Oils and Greases
Product Development Update: Increasing PFPE's Load Characteristics

Nye Lubeletter - First Quarter 2011
The Role of Additives in Specialty Grease
Nye: the official manufacturer of 6 Anderol® Lubricants
How does Nye measure outgassing in its lubricants?

Nye Lubeletter - Third Quarter 2010
Ultraclean Lubricants: A Specialized Process for Critical Applications
New Method for Evaluating the Scuffing Load Capacity of Gear Oils

Nye Lubeletter - Second Quarter 2010
Synthetic Gear Lubricants Gone Green
Predicting Gear Performance and Wear
Bridging the Gap between Hydrocarbon and Perfluoropolyether Connector Greases

Nye Lubeletter - First Quarter 2010
From Whaleships to Microchips: Nye's New Products for the Semiconductor Industry
Testing Developments for Electrically Conductive Greases
Nye Solution for Assembly Aids
8961MT - Nye's Type IV Grease
Nye's New Director of Technology

Vol. 34 No. 1
Antioxidants to Nanoparticles: Additive Studies Aim to Boost Lube Performance
SRV Speeds Customer Product Development
Get Smart About Grease: PAOs and Additives
Lab Cameras Offer Real Time Webcasts

Vol. 33 No. 3
Electrical Contact Grease Fills Industry Gap
Thermal Greases: The Link from Source to Sink
Get Smart About Grease: Lubricants and Material Compatibility
Additive Study Aims For More Robust Synthetic Lubricants

Vol. 33 No. 2
Synthetics Boost Production Efficiencies
Get Smart About Grease: Grease Color vs. Performance
Rheolube™ 374A: Coming to a Jet Near You?

Vol. 33 No. 1
Synthetic Lubricants Play a Vital Role in Airbag Performance and Life
Shell Multiplies Pennzane® Fluids
Get Smart About Grease: Shelf Life vs. Functional Life

Vol. 32 No. 3
New Synthetic Fluid Boosts Performance of Lubes for Auto Components
12 New Synthetic Food-Grade Lubricants
Experimental Grease Boosts Conductivity and Temperature Range
Get Smart About Grease: Schedule a Lunch & Learn Lube Seminar

Vol. 32 No. 2
New High Performance Ball Joints Rely on Silicone Grease
International Corner: Amcor Australasia Specifies NyeCorr® 140
Ford Approves Award-Winning Connector Grease
Get Smart About Grease: Identifying a Grease with the Proper Name
Nye’s MIL-PRF-32014 Grease Gets Thumbs-Up

Vol. 32 No. 1
SmartGel™ Enables Performance Improvements in Photonic Devices
International Corner: Toyota Forklifts
Aerospace Applications Push Lube Envelope
Get Smart About Grease: Going Synthetic: Boosting performance of Small Gearboxes

Vol. 31 No. 3
New Connector Grease Slashes Insertion Force, Meets USCAR Standard
ABB Promotes “Nye Inside”
Non-Silicone Bushing Grease Approved by GM
Grease Replaces Brushes in Patented Alternator
Get Smart About Grease: Check Material Compatability When Selecting a Lubricant

Vol. 31 No. 2
New “Near Universal” MIL-PRF-32014 Grease
Switch Grease for VW
Tough Connector Grease Used in MTVR
UniFlor Grease Drafted for F-15 and F-16 Sorties
Get Smart About Grease: How Lubricants Work on Connector Contacts

Vol. 31 No. 1
New Grease Offers Novel Approach to Preventing Arc-related Bearing Damage
“5-Ton Grease” for Forklift Attachments
Lubes for Food: New NSF-Approved Oils and Greases
Ultrafiltered Grease Improves Precision Bearing Performance and Life
Get Smart About Grease: NLGI Grades

Vol. 30 No. 1 (Special to the Gearing Industry)
Full Circle: Grease for Wiper Gear Motors
Robo Grease: Synthetic Hydrocarbon Grease for Helical Planetary Gear Set
Hold The Ice: Fluorocarbon Gel for Refrigerator Dampers

Vol. 29 No. 3 (Special to the Gearing Industry)
Kid’s Stuff: Grease for High-Speed Plastic Gear Box
Cutting Edge: Synthetic Grease for Reciprocating Saws
Last Oil Change: Synthetic Greases for Washing Machine Transmissions
One Hot Grease: High-Temp Grease for Motorized Range Lock
Quiet as a: Pourable Damping Grease for Electric Mixer

Vol. 29 No. 2
New President, New Corporate Structure, Same Steady Course
New R&D Manager Keeps Nye on the Cutting Edge
Nye Nears Commercialization of Synthetic Replacement for Exxon’s Andok C
New Vacuum-Rated Lubes Shine at Beta Sites, Move Mainstream
NyeBar Q Replaces 3m’s Fluorad FC-722
New PTFE-Thickened Damping Greases Boost Shear Stability, Prevent Rust
UniFlor Converts to Cell Manufacturing

Vol. 29 No. 1 (Special Edition for Automotive Industry)
Nye Revs Up Application Testing Services, Seeks New Partnerships
Capabilities to Pre-Qualify Switch Lubricants Keep Expanding
In Search of the Perfect Ball Joint Grease
New Higher-Temp Ester Greases
New Grease for Pedal Positioning Systems

Vol. 28 No. 1 (Special Edition for Automotive Industry)
UniFlor Unveiled as “Compelling Choice” for Automotive OEMs and Suppliers
Turn Over a New and Quieter Leaf (Spring) with NyoGel 774VH-MS
New Grease May Change Rack & Pinion Manufacturing Process
The Case of the Squealing HVAC

Vol. 27 No. 2
Nye Unveils UniFlor and Global Mission for Performance Lubricants
Temperature, Insertion Force Drive R&D For New Connector Lube
Getting Most Out of Sintered Bearings Starts With What Goes In
Nye Earns QS-9000

Vol. 27 No. 1
New Quiet Grease Gets Thumbs Up From Purdue Research Lab
Nye Introduces Vacuum Lubricants for Cleanroom Industries
Nye Adds Electric Vehicles to Its Customer Fleet

Vol. 26 No. 1B (Special Edition to Corrugating Industry)
New Grease for Preheaters and Preconditioners Extends Lube Intervals
Singlefacer Manufacturers Endorse NyeCorr 140
Reps Added to Serve Corrugating Industry

Vol. 26 No. 1A (Special Edition to the Automotive Industry)
How to Make Customers Feel Good About Automotive Components
Where and Why Damping Greases Are Used in Today’s Autos

Vol. 26 No. 1
How to Choose The Best Lubricant for Electric Switch Contacts
Ausimont Partners with Nye to Reach Hard Disk Market
Designing Miniature? Think Ultrafiltered.
New Reference Book for Design Engineers

Vol. 25 No. 2
Nye Takes Optical Gels into the Next Millennium
3M Promotes Benefits of Nye Barrier Coating to Automotive Industry
Pennzane Update: New Low Vapor Pressure, Low-Temp Grease

Vol. 25 No. 1C (Special Edition to the Automotive Industry)
High Tech Greases Offer Creative Engineering Solutions
Cold Temp Hooting
Nye Receives ISO 9002 Registration

Vol. 25 No. 1B (Special Edition to Aviation/Aerospace Industries)
PCR Names Nye Distributor of Custom, Mil-Spec Silicone Fluids
Nye Publishes Chapters on Greases and Aerospace Lubes
Synthetic Hydrocarbon Rivals PFPE For Space Applications

Vol. 25 No. 1A (Special Edition to Corrugating Industry)
NyeCorr® Plus Graham: Good News for Corrugators
Roll-Change Cleaning Solvents
Conductive Lubes Can Add Operating Life to Machinery

Vol. 25 No. 1
Manufacturers Tapping Benefits of Electrically Conductive Lubes
Nye Expands Small Volume, Specialty Packaging Services
New Solvents Usher in Next generation of Electrical Connector Lubes
Nye Publishes History of Its First 150 Years
New Energy-Saving Lubricants for Power Tool Manufacturers

Spring 1996
New Equipment Puts Nye on the Leading edge of Lube R&D
Better Consistency, Faster Delivery for Grease cartridges
Ultra-Clean, Ozone-Safe Cleaning Solvent
Product Round Up: Lubricants for Telecommunication Applications
New High Speed, High Temp Bearing Grease
Günter Horn Featured at Seminar
Calculating the Unit Cost for Small Amounts of Grease

Spring 1995
Two Lubricant Solutions for Telecom Connector Manufacturers
Pennzoil and Nye Team Up To Deliver Lubricants for Space and Other Low Vapor Pressure
Many Solvents, Few Solutions
Problem Solver Becomes Auto Industry Standard for Connectors
PCR Names Nye Distributor of Custom, Wide Temp, Mil-Spec Silicone Fluid
New Fluoroether Switch Greases Offer “More Chutzpah”
New Compounds Improve IC Chip, Power Transistor Performance
Nye Introduced Thread Lubricant and Sealant

Autumn 1994
New Testing System Pre-qualifies Electric Switch Lubes for Customers
New President Takes Helm at Nye
Damping Grease Family Grows in Response to Customer Requests
Nye Auto Lubes: World Class Reliability and Performance
“Clean Grease” Provides Better Wear Protection for Precision Bearings

Winter 1993
Advanced Electrical Connector Lubricant in an Ozone-Safe Solvent
New Vapor Pressure Data on Synthetic Oils
Alternatives to use of Chlorinated Solvents
UV Signal Deposited NyeBar-K Films
ISO 9002 Certification a Target for 1993
The Apparent Viscosity of Greases: Chapter 2

Spring 1992
Lubricants as Design Components

Autumn 1991
Ford Q1 Preferred Quality Award
Reading the Lubricant Product Bulletin
Low Vapor Pressure Oil and Grease for Aerospace and Computer Disk Drives
Aluminum Complex Grease Based on Synthetic Hydrocarbons
Novel Applications for NyeBar Barrier Films
Nye Lubricants Meet Automotive Market Specifications

Autumn 1990
The “Apparent Viscosity” of Greases
Lubricants for Sensors
The Role of Additives in Specialty Greases
Perfluorinated Solvents for Oil Creep Barrier Films
The Two Faces of NyoGel 788

Autumn 1989
Synthetic Greases for Automotive Accessories
Variations in Optical Coupling Gels
The “Shelf Life” of Lubricants
Prospects for Products Containing Chlorinated Solvents
Unit Costs for Small Amounts of Expensive Grease

Spring 1988
Precision Bearing Greases: Ultrafiltered Packaging
Synthetic Hydrocarbons Provide a Wide Range of Viscosities for Ball Bearings
Lubricant Compatibility with Plastics or Elastomers

Spring 1987
Six-Ring Polyphenyl Ether For Electrical Connector Lubrication
Synthetic Switch Grease for Use in Arcing Situations
Immersion Oils: Temperature and Viscosity
Alternatives for Control Cable Lubrication
Achieving Electrical Conductivity in Greases
Salt Water Resistance in a Switch Grease
Cerium Fluoride Fortification in Greases

Winter 1986
Optical Fiber Coupling Gels
A Non-Silicone Heat Sink Compound
Ultrasonic Coupling Fluids
Flexibility in Packaging
Linear Fluoroether Grease for Ball Bearings in Vacuum Systems
Grease Plating
Ester-Based Greases for 300°F Exposure

Spring 1985
Ultrafiltration of Greases for Precision Ball Bearings
Dielectric Quality in Functional Fluids
Dow Corning Silicone Lubricants
NyeBar® for Oil Creep
Flexibilities in Grease-Making
Fluorinated Ether Greases
A Screening Test for Greases

Winter 1984
The Linear Fluoroethers: A New Family of Synthetic Lubricants
Lubricants for Stationary Separable Electrical Connectors
Synthetic Hydrocarbons for Impregnation of Porous Metal Sleeve Bearings
Extended Frontiers for Grease Filtration
Ultra-High-Viscosity Silicones for Damping Needs
Traditional Petroleum-Based Greases for High-Speed Bearings
Fluorocarbon Gel Greases: Additions to the Family
NyoGel 713: A Specific for Hypochlorite Corrosion

Winter 1982
The Lubricant “Drugstore”
Synthetic Lubricants for Food Machinery
Synergistic Antioxidants Improve New Oils for High Temperatures
Low Vapor Pressure Oils and Vacuum Greases
Polycarbonates: Plastic Compatibility
Non-Spreading Oil for Miniature Gear Trains

Winter 1981
Damping Greases for Motion-Control
High Viscosity Ester Oil for Oven Chain Lubrication
Long-Life Grease for Critical Ball Bearing Applications
Ultraclean Oils for System Reliability
Ultraclean Grease for Low Speed and High Film Strength
Dry Film Lubricants from Brushable Liquids
Variety in Non-Spreading Oils
Barrier Film in Aerosol Spray
Solvent-Resistant Heat Sink Compound

Winter 1980
The Shielded Polysilicates
Lubrication and Protection of Gold-Plated Electrical Connectors
Rust Inhibitor for Indoor Storage
Polyphenyl Ether Greases
Grease Packaging— Tubes, Cartridges or Syringes
Electrically Conductive Lubricants
Silicone Greases and Compounds
Switch Lubricants for Arcing Conditions

Winter 1979
Synthetic Lubricants and High Temperature
Synthetic Hydrocarbon Worm Gear Grease
Multi-Purpose Synthetic Hydrocarbon Greases
Field Service Lubrication
The Monomolecular Layer
Safe Handling of Lubricants
Lubricants for Switches and Electric Contacts
Fluorinated Greases for High Temperature and Chemical Resistance

Autumn 1977
Lubricants and Plastics
Advanced Synthetic Hydrocarbon Worm Gear Oil
Potentiometer Lubrication
Preventing Oil Creep
Fretting and Fretting Corrosion
Electrically Conductive Greases

Autumn 1976
Synthetic and Natural Alternative to Whale Oils
Synthetic Hydrocarbons Provide a Wide Range of Viscosities for Bearings
The FluoroGel Greases
Economics of Non-Wettability
Electric Contact Lubrication

Spring 1975
Protection for Printed Circuit Boards
Synthetic High-Temperature Gearmotor Grease
Fluorocarbon Flexibility
Lubricant Effectiveness Using Synthetic Oils
Electric Contact Lubrication

Spring 1974
The Problem: Temperature Range
High Lubricity or Low Fictional Drag
Chemical Resistance
Lubricant Migration and Oil Creep Control
Electrical Contact Lubrication
Materials Compatibility
Motion Control

Spring 1973
Super-Refined Oils for Gyro Spin-Axis Bearings
A New Ester-Based Impregnating Oil for Sintered Bronze Bearings
NyeTact® 505 — An Aerosol Lube for Sliding Electric Contacts
Barrier Film Developments
Dilatant Gel
Piezoelectric Damping
Non-Spreading Oils — The Phenomenon of Oil Creep

Summer 1972
A Hydrocarbon-Based Instrument Oil for Wide Temperatures
“Fluoro-Diversity” — Unusual Applications for Fluorocarbon Greases
What Oil for What Temperature
Barrier Film Developments
Thin Film Stability
“Heavy Hydrogen” Improves Lube Stability
Flexibilities in Grease Plating
Damping Grease — A Range of Possibilities
Super-Clean Oil Service
An Improved Lubricant and Tarnish Preventive for Stationary Separable Contacts
Custom Lubricants for Special Problems

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