Electrically Conductive Greases

Electrically Conductive Greases

Nye Lubricants: Electrically Conductive Greases

Lithium-soap and silica-based electrically conductive greases, including specially low-carbon greases for superior channeling ability...

If static discharge poses a hazard to your application, consider a conductive lubricant by Nye.

Conductive grease typically serves as a ground. For example, it is applied to ball bearings in computer equipment where it allows static discharge to pass through the bearing instead of building up, arcing, and pitting the rolling element or fluting the raceway - accelerating wear. It serves a similar purpose in treadmills, where the rubber belt can generate static electricity which makes its way to the bearing. A conductive grease is also used to bleed static away from the toner cartridge toward the shell in laser printers and office copiers. A custom-formulated, fluorinated conductive grease was recently developed by Nye for automotive battery lugs, to enhance conductivity over a wide temperature range. Note: Never use conductive grease on sliding switches, which could malfunction if a conductive grease is applied to the contacts.

Our Products

NyoGel® 753G
A stiff, carbon thickened, light viscosity, polyolester grease intended for wide temperature applications where a degree of electrical conductivity in the grease is required.

NyoGel® 756G
A silica thickened, light viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease intended for electrically conductive, instrument and bearing applications.

NyoGel® 758G
A stiff, lithium soap thickened, light viscosity, channeling synthetic ester grease intended for demanding bearing applications.

Volume resistivity of Nyogel 758G is approximately 300 ohm-cm. Nyogel 753G and Nyogel 756G are gels not pastes. They rely on a proprietary carbon filler, rather than traditional metallic particles, for their conductivity. Nyogel 758G is an excellent channeling bearing grease. It relies primarily on a synergistic effect among its additives, not carbon or metallic filler, to create an electron pathway through the grease.

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